Polyphasic Sleep

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Polyphasic sleep is a practice based on division of sleep into several smaller blocks per day, as opposed to sleeping in a single nighttime block. Drawing inspiration from the siesta popular in Spain, or from segmented sleep in many cultures before artificial lighting, sleeping polyphasically can reduce the total sleep time required, eliminate chronic tiredness, or help many workers cope with their demanding schedules. Certain principles have been discovered over decades, and these help predict whether a person can adapt if they are disciplined for 1-2 months. Essential sleep needs are accounted for in recommended schedules. Healthy polyphasic sleep retains a scientifically required amount of SWS “deep” sleep (e.g. for glymphatic clearing and cell renewal) and REM sleep (e.g. for memory and learning), while reducing nonessential excess of light sleep. Please feel free to browse the peer-reviewed sleep research and community polyphasic evidence that continues to accumulate.

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We are an active community with interest in polyphasic sleep and mostly residing in the Polyphasic Sleeping Discord server and the /r/polyphasic Subreddit. Ever since the Subreddit was created spanning 10 years back and now with the creation of the Discord in 2016, we’ve aimed to foster a more interactive discussion about polyphasic sleep and make it easier for newcomers to get their questions addressed. Over time, the discord community grew to the today’s size of over 3000 members. With the common goal of improving sleep quality and investigating various aspects of polyphasic sleep, many members have started to work on various projects including compiling information about adaptation viability of different schedules and advanced sleep tracking using commercial and home-built EEGs. One of these projects is also this site, Polyphasic.net, which is aimed to compile all currently available information about polyphasic sleep including information in otherwise paid resources, and the most recent findings of the community, which is not included in other sources about polyphasic sleep that are not updated regularly. We believe in a freedom of information, and all content is therefore visible for free. Nothing is hidden behind paywalls, subscriptions or anything of the sort. Polyphasic sleep is far from fully explored and with many unknowns, even this website and other projects are very much an ongoing effort. If you are interested hanging out or even contributing to some of our efforts, definitely check out our Discord server and Subreddit.

Learn the Basics

Learn more about possible benefits, drawbacks and life considerations of polyphasic sleep before attempting a schedule. Read more…

Selecting a suitable sleep schedule is key to getting most out of polyphasic sleep and varies from person to person depending on their circumstances. Read more…

Adaptation to some more extreme schedules can be difficult. Learning proper sleep ethic and strategies can help to prevent some foreseeable problems. Read more…

Popular Sleep Schedules

Segmented Sleep Schedule

Segmented Sleep

Sleep schedule consisting of two core sleeps widely spread before the advent of artificial light.

Siesta Polyphasic Schedule Napchart


Schedule popular in some countries such as Spain with long night core and a shorter one at noon.

Everyman Polyphasic Schedule Napchart


Family of schedules with single core block supplemented by several naps throughout the day.

Dual Core Polyphasic Schedule Napchart

Dual Core

Family of schedules with two core sleeps supplemented by naps throughout the day.

Triphasic Polyphasic Schedule Napchart

Tri Core

Family of schedules with three short core sleeps, sometimes supplemented by additional naps.

Uberman Polyphasic Schedule Napchart


Extreme schedule consisting of only 6 twenty minute naps totaling 2 hours of sleep.

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