Many people who wish to persue a polyphasic sleep schedule do it for the health benefits that polyphasic sleep provides. Polyphasic sleep is known to help with both physical and mental health, both by splitting up the monophasic sleep block into multiple parts and by providing more time for self-care, which many people use the gained time for. The purpose of this page is to provide further resources related to health.

Yoga: The Ultimate Ally of Polyphasic Sleep

Yoga: The Ultimate Ally of Polyphasic Sleep?

Yoga is a sum of multiple spiritual discipline practices that originate from India – these practices include, but not limited to stretching, breath control, meditation, guided relaxation, static postures. One of the core premises of yoga is to achieve balance and calmness in the mind. A lot of benefits of yoga have been recorded with little to no adverse effects. Up to date, there are a few polyphasic sleepers who practice yoga, with decent to good results for nocturnal sleep. More research is needed between polyphasic sleep and yoga especially on schedules with higher amount of sleep reduction (more shortened nocturnal core sleep than traditional biphasic schedules). At face value and current anecdotal reports, yoga is claimed to be a good addition in most polyphasic sleepers’ lifestyle…

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Page last updated: 27 March 2020