SEVAMAYL Proposed by: aethermind Total sleep: Undefined, but may average around 5-6 hours Classification: Flexible schedule, SPAMAYL variant, Everyman variant Specification: 1 core, multiple short […]

Unadvisable schedules

A word of warningWarning! These schedules are not recommended, and should not be treated as suggestions. The only reason these unadvisable schedules are handpicked from […]


Tesla (U4) 1 hour, 20 minutes Adaptation difficulty: INSANELY HARD Tesla is an extreme schedule designed by Sharif Olorin in 2009 that combines parts of […]


SPAMAYL Proposed by: Rasmus Total sleep: Undefined, but on average 2.5 hours (7-8 20-minute naps per day) Classification: Flexible schedule Specification: ┬áMultiple short naps Mechanism: […]


The Dymaxion sleep schedule is one of the most well-known polyphasic sleep schedules. It is made up of four equidistant 30m naps taken every 6 […]

Dual Core

The dual core (DC) family of sleep schedules was originally proposed by the Polyphasic Society based on Segmented sleep. Instead of having a single long […]

Tri Core

The Tri Core family of sleep schedules are relatively unusual and not very popular due to hard scheduling along with wake time activities. The schedules […]


Schedules in the Biphasic family of sleep schedules are characteristic in consisting of only two sleep blocks. The main biphasic sleep schedules are Segmented and […]


Everyman is so named as a less extreme alternative to Uberman. Puredoxyk, who named and popularized Uberman, also proposed Everyman (what is now the Everyman […]


Uberman is the most widely known form of polyphasic sleep with its main appeal being the large amount of extra time it provides. For this […]